• Trena Meyer

Ride the River

Where are you right now? Imagine life as a river. It bends and curves, it is steady, serene. The sunlight warms your face and the air smells fresh. Birds chirp and all is quiet. The river then hits rapids, faster, harder, then a waterfall! It feels out of control. It's hard to catch your breath and you wonder if you will survive. The river slows down, speeds up, twists, turns and continues moving.

"PROCESS is about being fully aware and alive wherever you are on the river today. whether you are floating easily on your back, enjoying the sky and sun or tumbling through the chaos of the white water."(CAC)

We all have plans and dreams. At times we love where we are on the river, enjoying life, living in peace and flowing naturally. Other times we feel like we are in the rapids. Out of control, fear, anxiety, unable to breathe. And yet when we're in the rapids, the only thing to do is BE in the rapids. We may wish we weren't and have a million questions why we are there but the fact is WE ARE THERE. We can resist it and fight it or we can trust, surrender and keep moving. By surrender i'm not meaning give up, but rather to acknowledge this is where we're at AND in the midst of it we will live fully and recognise that even when it doesn't seem we have choices.....we do. The question just changes to What do I have control over? What choices are possible?

At every stage of the river, there is one thing in common. The river is always moving. We do not stay in one place forever. We are not continually in the rapids or leisurely floating on our back. Every part of the journey teaches us something and the more we embrace it the more we learn.

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