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Updated: May 18, 2019

The Birth of a vision.

October 2016 My best friend had encouraged me to attend a leadership seminar close to the town I was living in. It all happened very fast and before I knew it I was sitting in a room full of people I didn't know not realising at the time the massive impact this seminar and the ones to follow would have on my life.

I had just come out of a very traumatic time in my life. I had gone to the States to get out of the chaos I was living to heal and decide what my future looked like. During that time I had gone back to my hometown after years of being away. I rented a house, the kids were in school and I had picked up a job designing some commercial properties. I remember sitting in my house on Burnnet Drive in the mornings, with the sun streaming in the lounge. I had a lazy boy, cup of coffee and peace in the midst of the pain. I remember sitting there being so thankful that I had a place to live, to go away from the chaos and the thought came to me, "how many other women are in similar situations and yet have no place to go to heal? A place to step outside the chaos and be in a healthy environment?"

I love when people that have been through hell walk out of the flames carrying buckets of water for those still consumed by the fire.

As I sat in that seminar we came to a place where we were asked to share our dream. I remember sitting there thinking "I have no dream- I'm just trying to survive" . Then to my horror, they asked us to stand, shake hands and tell as many people as we could what that dream was......YIKES! I had nothing to say. The first few people I fumbled my way through and on the third person, what came out of my mouth surprised even me. I said, "I want to create a home for women in abusive situations that can be a beautiful refuge for those who need healing"

I continued on my journey, continued going to seminars, learning tools that helped me stand in the midst of incredibly difficult situations. I achieved my coaching certificate and doors started opening. It seemed every woman who came into my life was in a similar situation and I was able to walk the journey with them and pass along tools to make their path a bit easier. We were approached by the NZ police to work with women in abusive situations and were told we could be given up to 50 women per week who needed help. Someone then approached me and said when I need houses for those women, the houses are there. The doors started flying open and one step at a time I keep walking through them.


Live My Life Free is part of that vision. I am starting a foundation to be able to provide a refuge for women in abusive situations. A place where healing and empowerment can occur. And a place where these women can learn tools to help them navigate their situation, to learn how to stand within themselves, bring back the beauty and self worth that is in them, build confidence, dream again and create a healthy, happy future for themselves and their families. There will be one on one, group and online courses that will empower, equip, inspire and motivate women.

The reason I am sharing this now is to bring you on this journey with me. I'm only at the beginning and I desire to walk this journey with others who are passionate about helping others to live the biggest, best, fullest life that God has created them for. I know so many of you reading this have gifts, abilities, wisdom, finances and huge hearts that can make a powerful impact in the lives of these women. Will you come on this journey with me?

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