• Trena Meyer


Balance is one of the fundamental principles to the quality of the life we live.

"In the big picture, FULLFILLMENT is about living a life that is valued, purposeful, and alive.

BALANCE is about choosing a life that is in action, aligned with compelling vision." (CAC) It is not just a life in action....busy, chaotic, over whelming. Rather it is a life in purposeful action AND aligned with compelling vision. Over the years there have been seasons where I have not had a clear vision. I was involved in some great initiatives and achieved and created a lot, however, I feel now, with clear vision about my purpose, vision and goals, I am achieving so much more, I am clear on the direction I am going, and I am free to say yes to the things that align with that vision and no to the things that don't. There may be great opportunities and if they don't aligned with my vision they can become great distractions. There is freedom that comes with purposeful action. It is the difference between being empowered to create ones life or being at the mercy of circumstances and other people's expectations and demands. Choosing one's life, not just reacting to it.

"Balance is not about evening out's not about slowing down, although slowing down may be exactly what is needed on some days. Balance is not about simplifying, although choosing to say yes to some things and no to others may be the most ideal way to create a fullfilling is about a life-giving ride supported on the rails of a fullfilling life vision." (Co-Active Coaching, Henry Kimey-House)

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